Mila’s Second Birthday

It has been over a week and I still cannot believe that my little one has turned TWO. In celebration of her second birthday, we chose a theme based on her favorite movie, Moana. It was an absolute blast putting it all together and seeing it unfold. Even though I went a wee bit overboard with the planning and had a few sleepless nights, it was all worth it for her and the memory.

She has always been a bit shy in a room filled with lots of people, but she did a great job coming out of her shell and dancing to her favorite music. I know that while others may be completely bored watching a toddler run around, I could not take my eyes off of her. I was completely mesmerized by how many people came together to celebrate my daughter. It was an absolutely heart warming experience.

I decided on an even bigger balloon arch this year and in total needed around 200 BALLOONS. I strongly recommend getting an air pump to tackle this project or just do what I did and have several friends blow them up. WARNING: LIPS MAY TURN BLUE AFTER BLOWING UP NEARLY 50 BLUE BALLOONS.

I have to say, while I enjoyed every aspect of this party, I absolutely loved the baking that we did. I obviously did not do it all alone, I would have failed miserably if it were not for my mother. I did however come up with several of the ideas so I like to give myself some (very minor) credit.

It was a very different experience with the “cake smash” this year. I set the cake down for Mila to go to town, but she immediately began to fuss. It was eventually discovered that she was demanding a fork. I am raising such a lady.

It has been an absolute treat watching her personality come to life. I have heard numerous times that “the terrible twos” are a year to remember and while she has already begun the tantrums, I cannot explain how gracefully she goes through them. I mean, even I threw a minor tantrum last week when I accidentally shrunk my favorite shirt and there was NOTHING graceful about that. I am so excited to see what the next year has in store for my little one.


Mila Went Camping

Connor and I have been itching to go camping this summer and with the summer winding down, we decided it was a must. It was a debate of whether we should bring Mila along, but we finally decided to bring the little one to continue to acclimate her to the nature surrounding us in Colorado. While it was a rollercoaster of emotions, we made it through the night. 

She loved playing in the dirt and like most kids, ate her fair share. It was the first time Connor and I have let her play in nature, normally she’s in the back pack while we are hiking. 

She enjoyed her dinner with us over the fire and was absolutely mesmerized by the flames. I forgot how much I missed the smell of a good ole bonfire. I haven’t been camping in over 10 years, which is terribly shocking considering I have such a desire to. I suppose it is from the fond memories I have growing up. Let me just say that by morning, I felt quite inexperienced. I knew the challenge would be there with bringing a toddler, but with this under our belt, we now know how to make it a better experience for all. 

Even though it was a cold, rough night with Mila, we woke with high spirits and are more prepared for next time. 

Breckenridge Beer Festival

I had the opportunity to go up to the Breckenridge Beer Festival this weekend with family and friends. I went last year with Connor and his family, but since I was breastfeeding at the time, I sat under the medical stand with the EMTs because of the blazing weather. 

Not only was the weather absolutely PERFECT this year, I hadn’t had the opportunity to see my friends in awhile (over a month) so it was some MUCH needed time together. 

Mila was perfect company and had lots of fun strolling around with family. She’s going to be a socializer just like her parents. 

It was GREAT company, GREAT weather, and GREAT beer. 

We took the pass home and had to get out because it was far too beautiful not to. I think it is easy for me to go about day to day life without realizing the surroundings that are only moments away from me. Luckily, I have Connor who is constantly looking for adventures and will never let me forget to get out. 

Such a lovely weekend that came to an end too quickly. 

Independence Day

I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that it is already HALF WAY through the summer. It’s been a blessing to have so much time to myself (with no school) and to spend with my family. I typically feel defeat once Independence Day passes that the summer is almost over, but with this bundle of joy it is so important for me to cherish as much time as I have with her. SHE IS ALREADY 14 MONTHS. 

I have had several lazy days with Mila where we bum around the house and play, but to conquer the anxiety of how quickly the time passes, we have been looking for PLENTY of things to do this summer for the family.

We are DEFINITELY looking forward to our weekend together since we are headed to Breckenridge. It’s the Breckenridge Beer Festival so we are going up to relax with friends and family. It’s rare for Connor and I to have a whole weekend off together so I cannot wait. 


As many already know, last weekend was MILA’S FIRST BIRTHDAY. Can you believe it? Mila has turned ONE! It went flawlessly and she was the star of the show. I read all about how these parties should be fairly intimate, but Mila has proven time and time again to flourish in a fairly large social setting. I WONDER WHERE SHE GETS IT. Many of our family and friends gathered to celebrate the amazing baby that has been a part of our lives now for a WHOLE YEAR.

It’s always been a hobby of mine to plan events. I’m pretty sure I got it from my mom. I had big shoes to fill because my mom was a legend with my friends at throwing parties. It was such an amazing time to have everyone together.

I got most of the decorations from Amazon since everything is so cheap and with Amazon Prime, it is two-day FREE shipping. I don’t even have to leave the house and I can just put everything in a virtual shopping cart until I have made up my very indecisive mind.

We had a lovely spread of food for everyone to enjoy and then had Mila “eat” her FIRST cake. She loved being the center of attention but did get a bit overwhelmed with 20+ people cheering at her. She had her mommy and daddy by her side and SMASHED that cake.

Because I wanted to do a photoshoot of her smashing a cake, on a separate day we did another cake smash and it went amazing. She again LOVED eating cake.

I purchased Mila’s dress off of an adorable website called Lenny Lemons. It was absolutely what I envisioned for her special day. I got her crown off of Etsy from Love Crush Crowns. It too was just what I wanted for our little Mila Anne King.

It was indeed an amazing weekend and we are so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter.

11 Months

Just like that, Mila is 11 MONTHS going on 12 MONTHS. Seriously, I don’t know how repetitive I can be about how rapidly these months have passed. She’s nearly a YEAR OLD. It’s such a mixed emotion for myself because I don’t want the time to pass so quickly, but I have been loving every second of watching her grow and develop into the beautiful daughter she is.

If you’re going to commit to the monthly photos, realize that they only continue to get harder. She’s NOT a fan of laying down anymore, but who can blame her. She’s on the move and just wants to continuously be engaged with the environment around her.

Mila’s very first word was “MAMA” and shortly after she said “DADA”. It doesn’t seem to mean anything to her quite yet but was very exciting to hear her say them for us.

I did an at home photo shoot for these pictures and will be doing more moving forward. Someone’s FIRST BIRTHDAY is just around the corner so I am getting excited with lots of ideas. I looked into the seamless paper but found the fadeless bulletin board paper to be much less expensive for a huge roll of it.

Check back shortly as I will have some fairly exciting news to share!

Happiest Moments of My Life So Far

It is not a surprise to most that I am a list maker. It is WELL beyond making a list to go to the grocery store or making a list of things to do. I had a friend gift me The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration and what a delight it has been. I recently completed LIST THE HAPPIEST MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE SO FAR. I scrambled through A LOT of memories that have occurred throughout the years and could not help but share a few of them with you all.


Hands down the BEST moment of my LIFE. I haven’t gotten to share what that day was like with most, but I went to the hospital around 3:00 PM and was told it would be awhile. Obviously, this WAS NOT the news anyone wanted to hear, but I had a room full of the people I love. I even got a surprise visit from my sister who is forever scarred by childbirth. It wasn’t until around 1:00 AM on May 6th that I was told to begin pushing. It was our belief that my water had already broken, but IT DID NOT. It came flying out like a water balloon and splashed my nurse. Luckily, she handled it like a BOSS and was an awesome story for her to continue telling while she continued her education to become a midwife. Mila was born at 1:40 AM and I will always remember those first moments of her life like they happened yesterday.


That’s right, I made the first move. He worked at Target at the time and I frequented that Target, like A LOT. (It might actually be a problem how much I love Target.) Long story short, I barged in one day to see if he was working and sure enough, he was.


I was 10 years old and guess what, I still get to “hold” that dog 14 years later.



I had just moved from Minnesota to Colorado in August of this year and I went from seeing my sister every day to essentially once a year. I went down to my uncle’s for the weekend and he went out to run errands. In the middle of movie night, she came walking down the stairs. My uncle had flown her out for the weekend and the next morning we were all able to surprise my parents when they arrived for Thanksgiving.


I cannot begin to list all of the concerts I have been to, but a few that will forever remain in my heart was Green Day with my sister and my dad, Mumford and Sons with Connor, OneRepublic with my friend Soraya, and as silly as it may seem, MKTO with my college best friends, Karsen and Stephanie.


I was lucky enough to meet my two best friends in the dorms. I know this may not be a specific memory, but the overall days we spent lounging in my room either watching LOST or being the weirdos we are to this day will forever be some of my favorite memories.



Someone I met in college STRONGLY encouraged me to watch The Office, so much so that one of the first times we hung out she made me sit down and begin watching. I WAS NOT BUYING IT. She made me continue watching and that is something I will forever be grateful for. I have probably watched it 30 times through, NOT EXAGGERATING. That script is a part of my diction and is my go to show for comfort.


He did not force me to try it out, but he told me he would give me $20 if I gave it a try for two weeks. I never knew I would go on to love the sport for 6 years.



Well, that dates the story. Back when we had DIAL UP INTERNET, my family was watching Smallville. In the show, the internet was dialing up and my mom was falling asleep, woke up and said, “Is something dialing up?” We assured her it was the TV and even rewound to show her. After finding the exact spot in the show it had happened, the dialing up noise began again and somehow in those few seconds, my mom had dozed off again. She was startled AGAIN, by the dialing and said, “Is something dialing up?” It is definitely something we have never let go.

Like I said, these are just a few I wanted to share and reminisce about. If you can get your hands on a copy, I would absolutely do so because week after week it has given me a time to just reflect which most of us never make time for. If you cannot obtain one, then I STRONGLY encourage everyone to take a moment of their day and “list” all of your happiest moments in life so far. WARNING: STRONG EMOTIONAL WAVE OF FEELING BLESSED MAY OCCUR.