7 Months


Let me say something every mother says constantly throughout their child’s life, I cannot believe how quickly the time is flying by. It’s also the most unsolicited comment you will receive from EVERYONE. EVERYWHERE.

In the past month, Mila has grown even stronger at sitting up and is able to push herself up into the crawl stance. I am so excited for her to start moving, but I have also been told I will be quickly taking that statement back. She talks constantly, no idea where she got it, and we are in DROOL CITY. Mila is showing her fun personality more and more each day.

I originally found inspiration for these monthly photo ideas from Pinterest and then put my own spin on them with new themes every month. I try to be fairly frugle while putting them together and lucked up this time around by finding both a bundle of greens and flowers for under $10.

I am so excited to be celebrating her first Christmas and begin our new family traditions. While I was growing up, it was by far my favorite part of Christmas. I have enjoyed picking out a few new and old traditions to start with Mila. I have so far decided to get her a new ornament every year, something that my parents did for me, and I am also getting our family matching sets of pajamas every year to wear during the Christmas Season.




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