Connor’s Graduation

I cannot believe I got to watch my boyfriend graduate this past weekend from Metropolitan State University of Denver. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, which is literally rocket science. I definitely do not brag enough about how lucky I am to have such a hard working companion by my side. I mean, not only has he been working to complete this degree, he also works full time and continues to be very active in his family life.

I would simply like to say, CONGRATULATIONS to my man and his hard work. I cannot wait to see where this takes our family. I know that whatever Connor ends up doing with (or without) his degree he will be amazing at it.

Someone in one of Connor’s group projects this past year actually gifted this adorable onesie to him when he returned to classes after Mila was born. It was the perfect fit for his graduation ceremony and she may have stolen the show a bit from all the graduates!


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