New Year


I hope everyone enjoyed the HOLIDAY SEASON! It was an amazing experience going through with my little one, and also being able to share it with everyone I love. I know Mila’s favorite part was playing with all the wrapping paper and paying little to no attention to the toys wrapped up inside.


While 2016 was filled with many lows and many highs, it will always be the year that I met my daughter and became a mother. It’s challenging going through your young adult life and trying to find purpose for yourself, but I found mine when I became a mother.

I know that no matter what I attempt, whether I succeed or fail, I will always be her mother. It may not be the most glamourous roll at times, but the person I have had to become for her and to be a parent, I have complete certainty in. I mean, who would not be proud to be this cutie’s mother?



I am so excited for the New Year and cannot wait to see what is in store for my family!



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