Mini Me

Since I first had Mila, I have consistently heard that she is my little, “mini me”. Coincidentally, I have always wanted a “mini me”. I saw a few pictures on Pinterest of the matching outfits so I knew I of course had to do this with Mila. I mean, it’s not going to be forever that I can dress her up like mommy and only get smiles because of it.

I found these matching hats for us to wear this winter together that were both adorable and very cozy warm.

She’s already “tolerating” my need to photograph everything.

So thankful that she got my big brown eyes and long eyelashes.

Luckily the “baby” size hat turned out to be a little big so I may even get one more winter out of it for us to continue matching.

I have more cute pictures of Mila in this adorable hat to come!


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