9 Months

Another SUPER LATE post, but Connor and I have been in the process of moving so it definitely took the back burner.

Recently Mila turned 9 MONTHS and I just cannot believe it. She is already 30 INCHES which puts her in the 99th percentile for height. She weighs 16 pounds which put her in the 25th percentile for weight. I am so happy to see she is finally gaining weight because most of her life she has been in the 13th percentile or lower. She’s going to be tall and skinny, so no surprises there!

She is becoming more and more mobile each and every day and definitely has a good army crawl down. I swear you put her down and in two seconds she is in a different part of the room. It’s typically whatever part the dogs are in because she just absolutely loves her dogs.

I am so excited to continue to see her develop up to her FIRST BIRTHDAY because they seem to develop mobility very quickly in these last couple months.


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