11 Months

Just like that, Mila is 11 MONTHS going on 12 MONTHS. Seriously, I don’t know how repetitive I can be about how rapidly these months have passed. She’s nearly a YEAR OLD. It’s such a mixed emotion for myself because I don’t want the time to pass so quickly, but I have been loving every second of watching her grow and develop into the beautiful daughter she is.

If you’re going to commit to the monthly photos, realize that they only continue to get harder. She’s NOT a fan of laying down anymore, but who can blame her. She’s on the move and just wants to continuously be engaged with the environment around her.

Mila’s very first word was “MAMA” and shortly after she said “DADA”. It doesn’t seem to mean anything to her quite yet but was very exciting to hear her say them for us.

I did an at home photo shoot for these pictures and will be doing more moving forward. Someone’s FIRST BIRTHDAY is just around the corner so I am getting excited with lots of ideas. I looked into the seamless paper but found the fadeless bulletin board paper to be much less expensive for a huge roll of it.

Check back shortly as I will have some fairly exciting news to share!


One thought on “11 Months

  1. These are fabulous, and I love the pictures & your delight with Mila! You so “had me at hello”…I can remember (like it was yesterday) when Cyndi was born in Denver. I worked for a large law firm downtown, until when she was one year old, Joe was sent with Martin Co. to Calif… & then 7 mos. later to Ark. & Scott was born. Back to Littleton at Martin Co & Beth was born at Swedish in July ’65….AND YES THE YEARS ALL FLY BY…especially when you look back. We were madly in love …and had great times once we got back to Littleton for 50 years, with the Newcomers Club & Johns- Manville people when they moved in. Made lifelong & many friends. When Beth turned 5 & in kindergarten I started a 27 year career in Real Estate & charity causes. ENJOY your “journey” with our wonderful Connor & Miss M….. Love, Grandma Ann

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