Mila Went Camping

Connor and I have been itching to go camping this summer and with the summer winding down, we decided it was a must. It was a debate of whether we should bring Mila along, but we finally decided to bring the little one to continue to acclimate her to the nature surrounding us in Colorado. While it was a rollercoaster of emotions, we made it through the night. 

She loved playing in the dirt and like most kids, ate her fair share. It was the first time Connor and I have let her play in nature, normally she’s in the back pack while we are hiking. 

She enjoyed her dinner with us over the fire and was absolutely mesmerized by the flames. I forgot how much I missed the smell of a good ole bonfire. I haven’t been camping in over 10 years, which is terribly shocking considering I have such a desire to. I suppose it is from the fond memories I have growing up. Let me just say that by morning, I felt quite inexperienced. I knew the challenge would be there with bringing a toddler, but with this under our belt, we now know how to make it a better experience for all. 

Even though it was a cold, rough night with Mila, we woke with high spirits and are more prepared for next time. 


3 thoughts on “Mila Went Camping

  1. Great Pictures…..Hope you have “Protection” in case of bears. That’s real in Colo. Mila had fun…and so did you! Enjoy the rest of summer & beautiful Colo. FALL….Love to you 3, a special family…Joe & Ann


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