HELLO and WELCOME to Haley’s Momsense!


Thanks for coming to check out my new blog. I am Haley and am new to being a mother. I am some what of a stay at home mom to my daughter Mila, at least I attempt to function like one, as well as work part time while I complete my degree online.

I consider myself to be a Coloradan with a Minnesotan accent since I was born and raised in rural Minnesota and currently reside just outside Denver, Colorado. I am a young twenty-something mother and doing everything in my power to be a “cool” mom.


Here’s my pretty cute, little family. I met Connor, my boyfriend, when I was going to school in Boulder about two years ago. Regardless of the timeline, we now have our sweet, little (not really little) baby girl, Mila. I got that beautiful Golden Retriever, Libby, back when I was just a kid, and now she gets to be apart of my adult life and family.

I decided to start this blog to go through my journey as a new mother, a girl friend, a daughter, a sister, a barista, a student, and so forth. I am FAR from perfect at this juggling act called life, but I am here to share my successes and obstacles through it all. I am here to share my momsense with you.