HELLO and WELCOME to Haley’s Momsense!

Thanks for coming to check out my “new” blog. I am Haley, which you may have already assumed. I was recently promoted to the position of stay at home mother to my daughter Mila. It was a family decision (mostly mine) for the time being as we are focusing on a speech delay with our daughter.

I consider myself to be a Coloradan with a Minnesotan accent. I am a twenty-something mother and doing everything in my power to be a “cool” mom.


Here’s my cute, little family. I met my husband, Connor, about four years ago and my daughter Mila is coming up on her third birthday. Do not do the math on that because it gets PRETTY AWKWARD. Regardless of that timeline, we are a fully functioning family or at least we pretend to be.

I decided to start this blog to go through my journey as a mother. Yeah I know, it’s been three years but I learn something new EVERY DAY. I am far from perfect at this juggling act called life, but I am here to share my successes and obstacles through it all. I would like to thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy my momsense.