Happiest Moments of My Life So Far

It is not a surprise to most that I am a list maker. It is WELL beyond making a list to go to the grocery store or making a list of things to do. I had a friend gift me The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration and what a delight it has been. I recently completed LIST THE HAPPIEST MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE SO FAR. I scrambled through A LOT of memories that have occurred throughout the years and could not help but share a few of them with you all.


Hands down the BEST moment of my LIFE. I haven’t gotten to share what that day was like with most, but I went to the hospital around 3:00 PM and was told it would be awhile. Obviously, this WAS NOT the news anyone wanted to hear, but I had a room full of the people I love. I even got a surprise visit from my sister who is forever scarred by childbirth. It wasn’t until around 1:00 AM on May 6th that I was told to begin pushing. It was our belief that my water had already broken, but IT DID NOT. It came flying out like a water balloon and splashed my nurse. Luckily, she handled it like a BOSS and was an awesome story for her to continue telling while she continued her education to become a midwife. Mila was born at 1:40 AM and I will always remember those first moments of her life like they happened yesterday.


That’s right, I made the first move. He worked at Target at the time and I frequented that Target, like A LOT. (It might actually be a problem how much I love Target.) Long story short, I barged in one day to see if he was working and sure enough, he was.


I was 10 years old and guess what, I still get to “hold” that dog 14 years later.



I had just moved from Minnesota to Colorado in August of this year and I went from seeing my sister every day to essentially once a year. I went down to my uncle’s for the weekend and he went out to run errands. In the middle of movie night, she came walking down the stairs. My uncle had flown her out for the weekend and the next morning we were all able to surprise my parents when they arrived for Thanksgiving.


I cannot begin to list all of the concerts I have been to, but a few that will forever remain in my heart was Green Day with my sister and my dad, Mumford and Sons with Connor, OneRepublic with my friend Soraya, and as silly as it may seem, MKTO with my college best friends, Karsen and Stephanie.


I was lucky enough to meet my two best friends in the dorms. I know this may not be a specific memory, but the overall days we spent lounging in my room either watching LOST or being the weirdos we are to this day will forever be some of my favorite memories.



Someone I met in college STRONGLY encouraged me to watch The Office, so much so that one of the first times we hung out she made me sit down and begin watching. I WAS NOT BUYING IT. She made me continue watching and that is something I will forever be grateful for. I have probably watched it 30 times through, NOT EXAGGERATING. That script is a part of my diction and is my go to show for comfort.


He did not force me to try it out, but he told me he would give me $20 if I gave it a try for two weeks. I never knew I would go on to love the sport for 6 years.



Well, that dates the story. Back when we had DIAL UP INTERNET, my family was watching Smallville. In the show, the internet was dialing up and my mom was falling asleep, woke up and said, “Is something dialing up?” We assured her it was the TV and even rewound to show her. After finding the exact spot in the show it had happened, the dialing up noise began again and somehow in those few seconds, my mom had dozed off again. She was startled AGAIN, by the dialing and said, “Is something dialing up?” It is definitely something we have never let go.

Like I said, these are just a few I wanted to share and reminisce about. If you can get your hands on a copy, I would absolutely do so because week after week it has given me a time to just reflect which most of us never make time for. If you cannot obtain one, then I STRONGLY encourage everyone to take a moment of their day and “list” all of your happiest moments in life so far. WARNING: STRONG EMOTIONAL WAVE OF FEELING BLESSED MAY OCCUR.

10 Months

It is happening all too fast, and I cannot believe Mila is 10 MONTHS OLD. It has been a month full of change for Mila and at a very rapid pace. Speaking of rapid pace, she is on the move! It happened just after 9 Months, but she went from scooching, to an army crawl, to full fledged crawling. She’s everywhere all at once! I was warned about this stage and how big of a change it would be, but I have enjoyed watching her little mind wander from one end of the apartment to the other.

Aside from crawling, which was her biggest milestone this month, she now has two teeth in on the bottom. It has been lots of teething and drooling, but Mila has been so strong through all the fevers and the discomfort.

One of the biggest challenges was very obviously teething, but for me, sleep training was the hardest part. Eventually, there is a time when you go from tending your baby’s every need to allowing them to lean on themselves a bit. Connor and I got into a difficult position where she was reliant on us to help her back to sleep which was becoming as frequent as every hour.

Connor and I attempted several different “no tears” methods, but none seemed to be helping. It was hard for us and I never intended to have to follow through on it, but we ended up trying a little more “aggressive” form of sleep training that involved a few more tears than I would have liked. LUCKILY, it was only a handful of days and now she is back to sleeping through the night nearly 10-12 hours.

My biggest suggestion through this all is NEVER underestimating the power of a schedule and practicing them in the early months. I also know that what has worked for my friends, did not necessarily work for us because every situation is different.

Side note, these photos are becoming increasingly difficult.

9 Months

Another SUPER LATE post, but Connor and I have been in the process of moving so it definitely took the back burner.

Recently Mila turned 9 MONTHS and I just cannot believe it. She is already 30 INCHES which puts her in the 99th percentile for height. She weighs 16 pounds which put her in the 25th percentile for weight. I am so happy to see she is finally gaining weight because most of her life she has been in the 13th percentile or lower. She’s going to be tall and skinny, so no surprises there!

She is becoming more and more mobile each and every day and definitely has a good army crawl down. I swear you put her down and in two seconds she is in a different part of the room. It’s typically whatever part the dogs are in because she just absolutely loves her dogs.

I am so excited to continue to see her develop up to her FIRST BIRTHDAY because they seem to develop mobility very quickly in these last couple months.


It has been far TOO LONG, but I felt that it was definitely necessary to post about Mila’s FIRST PLAYDATE with Elsa. Look at these two, they are TOO CUTE.

I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to socialize Mila with other little ones, so I was very excited to have her first playdate. Elsa is just about three months older than Mila, so she was much more mobile, but I can tell you that it only has encouraged Mila to get moving.

It’s definitely getting more difficult to get Mila to sit still for a picture, so imagine trying to get two little wigglers to sit still for a picture, especially when both did not sleep for their normal nap lengths.

Mini Me

Since I first had Mila, I have consistently heard that she is my little, “mini me”. Coincidentally, I have always wanted a “mini me”. I saw a few pictures on Pinterest of the matching outfits so I knew I of course had to do this with Mila. I mean, it’s not going to be forever that I can dress her up like mommy and only get smiles because of it.

I found these matching hats for us to wear this winter together that were both adorable and very cozy warm.

She’s already “tolerating” my need to photograph everything.

So thankful that she got my big brown eyes and long eyelashes.

Luckily the “baby” size hat turned out to be a little big so I may even get one more winter out of it for us to continue matching.

I have more cute pictures of Mila in this adorable hat to come!


In the last week, our apartment flooded FOUR TIMES. I don’t know about you, but this is now the THIRD time I have experienced flooding issues in my home in three different locations. It is truly becoming an inside joke amongst my friends because it is becoming so “common”. 

I first experienced it back in 2013 when Colorado experienced a huge downfall of rain followed by a flood. I had to vacate my room for over a month because the entire basement had flooded and the carpet needed to be replaced. Second time I experienced a flooding issue it was from a water heater that leaked and only flooded my room in my apartment. Luckily the maintenance team took care of this issue very quickly.  

It was last week that I experienced the third time with a flooding issue while a few pipes burst throughout my apartment complex because of the frigid cold. It first flooded because our garbage disposal broke, which may or may not have been my fault, SORRY CONNOR. It was replaced the next day and then the next morning I received a call from Connor that there was water rushing all over the kitchen and living room floor. It was lucky this time that it only spanned across an area where there is no carpet in sight. Maintenance came out to clean up and turned the water off in the kitchen. Little did they know that it had happened to the vacant unit behind us so two more times the water leaked over into our place. 

After about a week of the maintenance crew coming in and out of our place, we are finally getting back to our normal routine. While it was quite inconvenient for us for the time being, it could have been much worse and am thankful it was handled so quickly. Sometimes shit happens and I’m so thankful I had Connor this time around to help me deal with it.