Mila’s Second Birthday

It has been over a week and I still cannot believe that my little one has turned TWO. In celebration of her second birthday, we chose a theme based on her favorite movie, Moana. It was an absolute blast putting it all together and seeing it unfold. Even though I went a wee bit overboard with the planning and had a few sleepless nights, it was all worth it for her and the memory.

She has always been a bit shy in a room filled with lots of people, but she did a great job coming out of her shell and dancing to her favorite music. I know that while others may be completely bored watching a toddler run around, I could not take my eyes off of her. I was completely mesmerized by how many people came together to celebrate my daughter. It was an absolutely heart warming experience.

I decided on an even bigger balloon arch this year and in total needed around 200 BALLOONS. I strongly recommend getting an air pump to tackle this project or just do what I did and have several friends blow them up. WARNING: LIPS MAY TURN BLUE AFTER BLOWING UP NEARLY 50 BLUE BALLOONS.

I have to say, while I enjoyed every aspect of this party, I absolutely loved the baking that we did. I obviously did not do it all alone, I would have failed miserably if it were not for my mother. I did however come up with several of the ideas so I like to give myself some (very minor) credit.

It was a very different experience with the “cake smash” this year. I set the cake down for Mila to go to town, but she immediately began to fuss. It was eventually discovered that she was demanding a fork. I am raising such a lady.

It has been an absolute treat watching her personality come to life. I have heard numerous times that “the terrible twos” are a year to remember and while she has already begun the tantrums, I cannot explain how gracefully she goes through them. I mean, even I threw a minor tantrum last week when I accidentally shrunk my favorite shirt and there was NOTHING graceful about that. I am so excited to see what the next year has in store for my little one.


Christmas Traditions

I cannot believe Christmas Eve is already TOMORROW. I have been counting down the days just like when I was kid because I am overly excited about celebrating Mila’s VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS! It’s been something I have thought about since I found out I was pregnant. I love Christmas that much. I have been considering what traditions I wanted to start for my family and cannot wait to see how the weekend turns out.

I was overwhelmed by the success I had with all of her pictures, so I decided to share quite a few of them. I mean, I could not just pick of them, she’s just TOO CUTE.

Look at that cute little baby butt!

Now that we have had a cuteness overdose, back to our family traditions! Since my very First Christmas, my mom would buy my sister and I a unique ornament and now I have an awesome collection on my tree. I absolutely had to do this for Mila since it is by far one of my favorites. Something new that I have always loved and wanted to do was matching pajamas for the entire family. Connor’s family celebrates Christmas Day in their pajamas all day so I thought this would be a fun way to continue that tradition for Connor and our new family.

Tomorrow, we will be spending the day with my family, which will include lots of movies, baking, cooking, and presents in the evening just like usual. I cannot remember when we started this tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve, but I believe it was because my parents were so eager to gift us our presents. Christmas Day we will be celebrating with Connor’s family which, like I mentioned, we will be wearing our pajamas all day and have friends and family over to celebrate. I can already imagine that Mila will be the star of the show this weekend.

It’s exciting to begin some new and old traditions with both of our families combined. I am eager to see our family traditions expand over the years to come!


Connor’s Graduation

I cannot believe I got to watch my boyfriend graduate this past weekend from Metropolitan State University of Denver. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, which is literally rocket science. I definitely do not brag enough about how lucky I am to have such a hard working companion by my side. I mean, not only has he been working to complete this degree, he also works full time and continues to be very active in his family life.

I would simply like to say, CONGRATULATIONS to my man and his hard work. I cannot wait to see where this takes our family. I know that whatever Connor ends up doing with (or without) his degree he will be amazing at it.

Someone in one of Connor’s group projects this past year actually gifted this adorable onesie to him when he returned to classes after Mila was born. It was the perfect fit for his graduation ceremony and she may have stolen the show a bit from all the graduates!