In the last week, our apartment flooded FOUR TIMES. I don’t know about you, but this is now the THIRD time I have experienced flooding issues in my home in three different locations. It is truly becoming an inside joke amongst my friends because it is becoming so “common”. 

I first experienced it back in 2013 when Colorado experienced a huge downfall of rain followed by a flood. I had to vacate my room for over a month because the entire basement had flooded and the carpet needed to be replaced. Second time I experienced a flooding issue it was from a water heater that leaked and only flooded my room in my apartment. Luckily the maintenance team took care of this issue very quickly.  

It was last week that I experienced the third time with a flooding issue while a few pipes burst throughout my apartment complex because of the frigid cold. It first flooded because our garbage disposal broke, which may or may not have been my fault, SORRY CONNOR. It was replaced the next day and then the next morning I received a call from Connor that there was water rushing all over the kitchen and living room floor. It was lucky this time that it only spanned across an area where there is no carpet in sight. Maintenance came out to clean up and turned the water off in the kitchen. Little did they know that it had happened to the vacant unit behind us so two more times the water leaked over into our place. 

After about a week of the maintenance crew coming in and out of our place, we are finally getting back to our normal routine. While it was quite inconvenient for us for the time being, it could have been much worse and am thankful it was handled so quickly. Sometimes shit happens and I’m so thankful I had Connor this time around to help me deal with it.