Mom Tribes

MOM TRIBE. It has always been my dream. I have always had the perfect image of what this would be like for me, mostly because every movie about motherhood has depicted it so flawlessly. Just a group of mothers who come together to support one another whether or not they knew each other prior to having kids. Oh, and drink wine.

Well, you know what else was always depicted? A WEIRD MOM AND A WEIRD KID. I just never thought that I would be the “weird” mom with a “weird” kid. Side note, I just typed weird so much it is starting to not look like a real word.

It’s common knowledge that I’m the definition of a social butterfly, but I struggle to socialize with other mothers. I was given a lot of information on how to work car seats, how to breast feed and the essentials of how to keep another human alive, but no handbook on how to become friends with other moms. WHERE MY AWKWARD MOMMAS AT?

It is high school all over again for me, which I absolutely do not want to relive those not-so-glory days ever again.

I have been taking my daughter to an open gym for toddlers so she can socialize with others. I watch the mothers talk together as their children play, but I have an almost three year old with a significant speech delay and it strongly confuses everyone. No one has ever outwardly said anything to me about my daughter’s speech delay, it’s just a feeling, maybe mother’s guilt. Mila was finally playing with someone at the open gym when she had a strong urge to kick his tower over. In my head, I’m chuckling because my child is unpredictable, but that parent was less than pleased and moved along quickly.


I’ve reached the point that I just want my best friends to have children so we can all navigate this world of parenthood together. APPARENTLY, that is not my decision to make as I have been informed numerous times by numerous people.

I have come to realize that I don’t need this type of mom tribe necessarily. It’s not that I’m giving up, but the realization that everyone has a different experience in their role as mother and it isn’t always the status quo. I may not have a ton of mom friends, where we plan playdates and dream of our kids falling in love, but I do have a mom tribe. It’s my own kind of mom tribe. I have a group of people that support me while I navigate this thing called motherhood. They’re the type of people that never get sick of the amount of pictures I send of my little one. They’re the type of people who come enjoy her birthday party no matter how boring it can be. They’re the type of people that would drop everything to be here for my family. It’s my mom tribe.

THANK YOU TO MY MOM TRIBE, you know who you are.